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Mentoring the Meivia way

It is important for an entrepreneur to have a right mentor. A right mentor is not just someone who has a sound business knowledge, but someone who is accessible, has compassion and empathy, and enables and motivates the entrepreneur to...

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A Comparative Study of Function Points based Early Lifecycle Estimation Models

The Function Points method has been the most popular method of sizing software functionality over the past 30 years or so. It is an established fact that accurate Function Point sizing helps in obtaining good estimates of project effort, duration,...

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Business Plan: What is it for anyway?

A business plan is not just a means to raise funds, as is the popular belief among entrepreneurs. While the importance of an executive summary, market, strategy, and management team in a business plan cannot be ignored, how does an...

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My Meivia internship experience

  Personal experience The internship at Meivia was my first experience working at a corporate company and also my first experience of creating a complete website. I was a little apprehensive about taking up the project as I wasn't sure...

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The Theory of Startups – Leadership and Management

Startups function in a unique context which is characterized by unfamiliarity and unpredictability. There is no place where a robust leadership is required more, than in a new venture. The odds – lack of human resources, financial capital, and access...

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