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Over the past 15 years, Meivia has executed a large number of assignments calling for intense involvement with a range of startups, and small and medium enterprises. We have distilled over 150 man years of our learnings and experiences and designed workshops for budding entrepreneurs.

The topics cover all the stages of a business:

  • articulating the business idea
  • identifying and sizing the market
  • creating effective business plan to nuances of fundraising
  • leading and managing teams
  • negotiation and building networks
  • revenue targeting and closing deals
  • scaling and managing growth
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leadership development for women

Founded by two women entrepreneurs, Meivia is passionate about the development of women in leadership roles. We have worked extensively with women corporate leaders and entrepreneurs. Our Women Leadership Program is designed to help organizations support the advancement and leadership growth of their women workforce.

The participants build an awareness of:

  • different organizational functions
  • building and managing teams
  • negotiating win-win outcomes
  • creating work-life balance

This course is best suited for the women executives earmarked by the client organization for leadership roles in the foreseeable future.

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In today’s global organizations, cross-cultural skills have become an essential part of the normal way of working, leading and collaborating.

We help organizations build intercultural competence by providing cross-cultural trainings to their workforce to help them answer questions such as:

  • how to build trust in a multicultural environment
  • respond to uncomfortable cultural situations
  • provide a constructive way of sharing criticism
  • resolve differences and reach decisions faster

The trainings are tailored to the client’s specific business issues and the country of interest and are aimed at providing information, strategies, insights and perspectives gained by the trainers through personal experiences.

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software estimation

To achieve significant estimation accuracy, it is essential for Project Managers and Team Leaders to have knowledge of various estimation models, their applicability and other pros and cons.

This knowledge will help them decide the most appropriate model to be used in a given situation.

Our software estimation trainings help clients to build the ecosystem necessary to adopt high maturity estimation practices.
Consultants at Meivia have so far trained 1000+ Project Managers and Team Leaders on various estimation related topics.

The training offerings include:

  • software estimation basics
  • overview of IFPUG’s SNAP model
  • software non-functional assessment process (SNAP)
  • software estimation using function points
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