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We work together with our clients in defining a clear and unified strategy for their organization.

Organizations have to undergo constant change to deal with demands for higher quality, better services, lower costs and greater efficiency. By helping them develop their capabilities, drive sustainable competitive advantage and profitability, and achieve their organizational goals, we assist them in seeking out ways of additional growth or improving their competitive positioning. Our areas of practice include:

  • Corporate and Business Unit Strategy to assist leaders in making corporate and business unit planning and implementation more efficient.
  • Growth Strategy and Portfolio Assessment for assessing emerging market opportunities. We help our clients evaluate and develop new as well as existing product portfolios.
  • Go-to-market Strategy to determine priority segments and the client’s value proposition and positioning. We work with clients to develop and implement sales and marketing plans that promote customer loyalty and improve revenue performance.
  • Merger and Acquisitions Strategy to provide advice across the deal cycle, from target selection and due diligence to post deal optimization.

We work across industries, and target issues faced by multinationals as well as domestic institutions that seek to expand to new markets. Our advice is based on a deep understanding of your mission. By identifying the true value of opportunities for you, we work closely with you to create a comprehensive implementation roadmap, efficiently and effectively manage the implementation process, and measure progress against relevant metrics.

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human capital

Organizations need to have right talent at all levels – strategies are effective only when employees convert them into action.

Managing people at every step of their employment lifecycle is imperative to realize better business results.

Meivia helps clients retain talent, and improve capabilities and organizational culture by partnering with them. We believe that business advantage can only be gained by the collective knowledge of an engaged workforce. Our areas of expertise span across industries and include:

  • Human Capital Policies and Procedures
  • Competency Management
  • Performance Management
  • Learning and Development
  • Capability Assessment and Development
  • Career and Succession Planning
  • Organizational Development Interventions

Our consultants advise clients in achieving their HR objectives by evolving strategies that are aligned with the business need and focusing on best practices. By customizing the HR solutions based on organization needs and business context, we ensure that clients get the best return on their investment.

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Our strategic guidance to start, scale or transform educational institutions and to form alliances enables you to achieve the desired outcomes and sail through the changing landscape of education.

Educational institutions have to adapt to the changing environment – changing trends in higher education, including financial, technological and competitive pressures, and student expectations, while remaining true to their core mission of creating academic excellence.

With over 15 years of experience in working with educational institutions across different geographies, Meivia advises schools and universities by helping them develop strategies for improving performance, entering new geographies, or forming successful joint ventures. We partner with the institutions to understand their needs and preferences, and define strategies for defining and reaching the target audience, review of branding efforts.

Whether it is launching a new program in a continuing education unit or setting up a new unit, Meivia works closely with the institutions at various stages of their lifecycle to devise clear implementation plans and build governance and leadership practices.

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India – Israel collaboration

Meivia is well positioned to provide consultancy services to companies in Israel that consider India either as a centre for outsourcing products, solutions and services, or as a potential market.

Israel is one of the leading nations in the field of innovation in various sectors, most of which, such as water, agriculture and energy, are the priority areas in India. We realize the importance of Israel as a strategic partner to India.

With its first engagement with an Israeli firm dating back to the year 2002, Meivia is known both to the Indian embassy in Israel and the Israeli consulate in India, and helps facilitate bi-directional business between India and Israel. The leadership team also brings an extensive network of contacts in Israel to help Indian companies work with Israeli companies. Whether it is developing strategies for market entry, mergers and acquisitions, recruitment, cross-cultural training, Meivia’s repeat business shows our commitment to our clients.

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research and publication

Real time intelligence and fact based insights are essential inputs which leaders must consider when making strategic choices.

Meivia is an impartial source of industry facts, information and insights. Regular inputs from our practitioners across all capabilities and industries, complemented by our strong relationships and continuous networking with clients, guide our research and assist us in sharing knowledge with decision makers.

Our knowledge and network are available to corporate sectors, practitioners as well as academic institutions to read and reuse. Our strategic insights help them to review their decisions and mitigate risks associated with new initiatives at various stages of their business – at the launch, during the operations stage or at the growth stage.

Our Research Group also uses primary and secondary research methodologies to provide custom market research – designing the most appropriate approach for an organization’s specific needs and budget, including market segment and size, competition, sector analysis, feasibility analysis, regulatory environment and partner selection. Using these insights, we work with our clients to answer their key business questions and take actionable decisions.

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information technology

With over a decade long experience of tackling IT challenges across various sectors, our consultants deliver quality solutions resulting in significant improvement of performance and profitability for our clients.

It has become imperative for organizations to create a balance between technology innovation and business goals. This requires an accurate assessment of current capabilities and a comprehensive understanding of the business requirements.

We work side-by-side with clients to drive value through innovative IT and technology solutions. Our areas of expertise in the field of Information Technology include:

  • Roadmap Creation
  • Portfolio Management
  • Outsourcing / Sourcing Advisory
  • Process Improvement and Reengineering
  • Human Capital Optimization
  • Vendor Management
  • Audit, Infrastructure and Security
  • Governance
  • Budgeting and forecasting, and assessing total cost of

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Nurturing a business idea is as critical as the idea itself. Many startups need skills and capabilities which are complementary to their own.

Meivia assists entrepreneurs, innovators, and startups to launch new businesses, enter new markets or commercialize new ideas providing expertise in all aspects of building a business.

We supplement your idea with domain expertise, strategy and planning, prototyping, business structure development and vendor selection, helping you to swiftly move the next stages.

Our Consultants, with diverse skills and backgrounds, guide you through the critical early stages to avoid costly mistakes, whether you build and launch a new business, or introduce a new product to the market. They bring a fresh and objective point of view to lay the foundation for your success so that you can focus on long-term business vision and goals.

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business process

Meivia works with companies to change their compliance exercise from distracting routine to opportunities that reinvent business excellence.

With evolving industry standards and businesses becoming increasingly complex, compliance and quality control have become significant to organizations.

Our consultants address the root cause of organizational deficiencies, failures and quality issues. We help clients to chart out the industry best practices, and internal and external guidelines, followed by self-assessment on compliance and control, analysis and an action program for implementation.

Our practitioners also help organizations to develop process models to record their operational activities by sharing with them with a high-level view of how to attain business objectives, assess internal as well as external resources, and implement policies to oversee these processes. By viewing their activities through this process model, organizations can check the effectiveness of their internal/external regulations and compliance policies.

We assist clients to drive change that creates an immediate impact with a lasting advantage. This includes defining the right organization structure and its successful implementation, redesigning business processes, managing complexity, capability sourcing or helping them to innovate. We understand that high energy, focus and resourcefulness are required to successfully deal with an ever-changing business environment for an organization that is in stress, and bring in a fresh perspective for the change to be successful.

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