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about us

about meivia

Meivia is a sector agnostic, management consulting firm that works with leading businesses to provide solutions for their challenges and deliver a sustainable change. Long after the bills are settled, the memories that remain are not of battles lost or won but of friendships forged in the unlikeliest of places.

Our growth has been driven by our entrepreneurial spirit and outstanding achievements in helping clients meet their toughest challenges, and gain from their biggest opportunities.The

Founded in 2002 to facilitate bi-directional business between India and Israel, Meivia International has provided consulting services not just in the India-Israel corridor but has also been a trusted advisor to many organizations in India.

company was renamed Meivia Global Services LLP in 2017 to reflect the founding partners’ vision of solving strategic challenges faced by global corporations. Our goal is to help clients in finding and implementing new solutions. In order to maintain our high

standards of work we collaborate with leading players in specific verticals that complete the set of our offerings. In essence, we have made networking our strategy and cooperation our business mantra.

what we do

We leverage our resources and knowledge to drive excellence in all we do and see our clients succeed.

Meivia has a comprehensive range of capabilities, and has deep expertise and a proven track record across diverse industries. By working together with its clients, Meivia helps them in exploring and proposing best options and provides unbiased advice to solve their operational and strategic issues.Our consultants,

with a rich and diverse background and a strong commitment to our values, assist clients at all levels of their organization. On every problem that we work on, we start by asking the right questions (often a small subset of a large set of questions), involve the clients in the diagnostic process, recommend and implement changes.


  • strategy
  • human capital
  • education
  • India – Israel collaboration
  • research and publication
  • information technology
  • startup
  • business process



as a hallmark of all our dealings at all levels. Integrity for us is being honest, fair, courageous and adhering to highest standards of business ethics, saying and doing what needs to be done and holding ourselves accountable at all times.

Pride & Passion

pride, individual and collective for the work we do, and the people and organization we strive to be, remembering that there is a higher purpose in all our actions. Passion, without which there could not be pride or joy in and from our work.


to ourselves and to the clients by making their challenges our own, seeking effective ways to solve problems, proactively communicating with them and facilitating client learning.

Respect & Empathy

for individuals associated with us, whether they are clients or colleagues, by being humble, reposing trust in each person and enhancing the value of teamwork.

Learning Organization

open, to new ideas, to new people, new concepts, in essence, be a Learning Organization by creating an environment that supports learning from past experiences, best practices, active research and by proactively looking for and transferring knowledge quickly and efficiently.


fostering the notion of a “Meivia” organization that celebrates diversity without the need to monitor or put checks on individuals, one that promotes meritocracy over hierarchy, one that encourages sharing of ideas and provides an environment for innovation, but always makes sure that it is a happy place to work in and a happy company to work with.


The team at Meivia is a diverse mix of talents and a broad variety of experience gained in both consulting and non-consulting environments. An open and non-hierarchical culture allows new thinking and innovation, making Meivia an ideal advisor to organizations.


why meivia

Our clients are valuable to us. That means we consider their challenges our own and deliver superior solutions to help them attain sustainable long-term success. We believe that when we bring together our experience, knowledge and ideas, we provide excellent

results for the clients and succeed together.

At Meivia, you will work with clients from a variety of organizations and assist them in finding solutions to their contextual business challenges. Your experience will be shaped by interesting

projects, strong client relationships and good team dynamics. You will work on roles with increasing levels of responsibility, and will be continually assigned to engagements that enhance your abilities.

meivia DNA

Shared aspirations, flat hierarchy, and an environment built on trust and support are vital elements of our corporate culture.

Meivia never forces you into a mould because we believe that an organization grows only through empowerment. We consider every individual as unique, and allow plenty of space for our people to realize their potential and succeed.

Investment in our people goes beyond the conventional means of preparing them for higher responsibilities. We allow them to pursue their personal interests and to accommodate family responsibilities. We grow when they grow.

what meivia looks for

While we believe that there is no formula for success, we look for people who pledge to live our values and believe in succeeding together. People who get hired at Meivia simplify the complex, and align work to our business goals and our customers’ needs. We seek individuals who connect

with their peers to deliver the best outcomes.

Whether you are an experienced professional, a recent graduate or a student looking for an internship, there are no boundaries to what you can achieve at Meivia.

To know more about what we do, how we do and be a part of our story, write to us
at careers@meivia.com

open positions


Please reach out to us by completing the form or by using the contact information below.
We will make every effort to respond to you in one business day.

Meivia Global Services LLP

Bengaluru (Head Office):
Plot 16, 2nd floor, 7th main, 1st block,
Koramangala, Bengaluru,
India 560034
Phone: +91 80 41153020

Pune and Israel

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